Scholarly publishing is broken

The academic system is inefficient, expensive, and promotes questionable research practices. Intense competition between researchers discourages us from embracing solutions to these problems (‘open science’), for fear we might risk our careers in the process. Our mission is to ‘kickstart’ progress by organising a critical mass of support for new open science behaviours (e.g. open access, open data, pre-registration) and then acting in a coordinated manner to instantiate these behaviours as new cultural norms.

Together we can fix it

Researchers have all the power we need to fix academia, but to do so we need to act together to protect one another’s interests. Each campaign below asks you to adopt a new behaviour, subject to there being a critical mass of support in your research field. Prior to that time you can remain anonymous and thus protected from risk until you have the support of your community. Once the threshold is reached, all signatories will be listed on the website and directed to carry out the new behaviour, together.

Click on the ‘Create your own campaign’ link to see our vision for the future, and head to our Github discussion page to discuss or propose new campaigns for the platform.