This campaign asks you to publish in and review for journals that make articles free to read and reuse (open access)

Many journals place publicly-funded research behind expensive paywalls, costing the research sector billions of dollars every year and preventing access to life-saving research. Despite these harmful effects on the research community and broader public, many researchers continue to support paywalled journals because their ‘prestige’ is important for career progression. But at the same time, journal prestige depends entirely on the valuable articles and reviews we donate as a research community – if a critical mass of researchers were to unanimously declare their support for Open Access journals, the prestige of these journals would quickly rise and researchers would be free to support progressive journals without risk to individual careers.

By signing this campaign, you will pledge to exclusively support Open Access journals. Your pledge will only go into effect if a critical mass of peers in your field sign the same pledge (choose your own threshold when you pledge, according to your circumstances).

Public discussion of this campaign can be found here.

Exclusively publish in, and review for, Open Access journals (listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals). “Author pays” journals are compliant with this pledge (see the Platinum Open Access campaign to support “fee-free” journals).