Meeting 6 July 2021


Cooper Smout Dawn Liu Holford Paola Masuzzo


Broad vision

  1. Cooper to outline broad vision for project, including rating database, impact algorithms, other algorithms, financial rewards
  2. Q&A/discussion
  3. Cooper’s questions:
    • Include/ remove editorial position in proposed model?
    • Require authors to sign over copyright prior to getting ratings?
    • Begin paying team using community-rated valuation of contributions? How to record contributions (time-based, Git-based)? How/when to valuate contributions (weekly, monthly)?

Preprint rating database

  1. History of ideas, including SIPS2020 Unconference
  2. What do we want to get out of the eLife Sprint?
  3. Clarify skills of the core team and what skills we are lacking
  4. Discuss how eLife Sprint will work – could look through Hidden Preprints doc and Github
  5. Discuss expectations for how people will interact at Sprint – begin draft of CoC?
  6. Discuss plan moving forward – share position paper with google group?