Hi all,

Announcing the first of our new series of campaigns on Project Free Our Knowledge: the Preregistration Pledge! This campaign has been developed openly using our new, collaborative Github repository and is now live on the new website. The campaign asks you to pledge to preregister at least one study in the next two years, alongside 100 of your peers. It would be much appreciated if you could please check out the campaign page and – if you feel comfortable doing so – take the pledge. You won’t have to act until 100 of your peers have signed the same pledge (you can of course get started early, if you desire!), so there’s zero risk or effort required today beyond clicking a simple button. Then, once 100 people have signed, we’ll let you know that your pledge has activated and you have 2 years to complete your preregistration (if your circumstances have changed before that time, just contact us and we’ll delete your pledge). We’ll be tracking pledge compliance as we go and displaying this data on the website, both to motivate pledgers to uphold their pledge and to demonstrate the impact of our campaign. In time, we expect that this data will enable us to show that our community is committed to action, helping to bring new pledgers into the community as we host ever-larger and bolder campaigns to create positive cultural change in academia.

If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to answer them here, but also feel free to post questions/comments using our (new!) comments feature at the bottom of the campaign page, so that others with similar concerns can find the answer. I’ve also started a Frequently Asked Questions document that is linked directly from the website, so if you have any broad project-general questions to add you can also edit that document directly or leave comments via HackMD.

Thanks everyone!