Communication Strategy

Note: If you add anyhing here you should also add it to the ‘Marketing checklist’ issue template

Channels to contact with project updates

If you’re planning to contact organisations about a project update, open a new ‘marketing blitz’ issue in Github and follow the template/checklist to keep track of who you’ve contacted. Write a different pitch for each of the following categories, then copy to all.

Internal channels (FOK)

Social media

Discussion forum threads

Slack workspaces

Google groups

Mailing lists

Facebook groups


Petition/pledge sites (can we get access these mailing lists?)

  • DORA \
  • Budapest Open Access Initiative
  • Fair Open Access supporters


Social Psychology


Channels that will only be used occasionally

Note that these channels are not populated when you create a ‘marketing blitz’ issue in Github, because they require a more customised communication strategy.


  • Everything Hertz
  • Road 2 Open Access
  • Blackgoat
  • PhD career stories
  • QBI


  • eLife labs blog
  • Scholarly Communications @ Duke blog, Kevin Smith
  • LSE Impact blog
  • The Scholarly Kitchen
  • The Conversation
  • Undark
  • Learned Publishing
  • UKSG
  • LQ
  • The Wire

Media contacts

  • Michael Schulson ( – contacted and Skyped in Sept 2019



  • see for list of conference presentations to date

Credit:Much of this list was developed by Jon Tennant @protohedgehog for the Open Scholarship Communication Strategy. May his hard work and passion for open science live on through this project.