There are many ways you can get involved with the project, beyond pledging to campaigns and sharing them with your friends and colleagues:

  • Join our mailing list to stay informed as we develop the project.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Develop new campaigns. You can propose new campaigns on our Github repository by opening a new issue, or help others develop their proposals by commenting on existing issues marked ‘draft-campaign’.
  • Donate/share our crowdfunding campaign. We are a researcher-driven initiative and currently 100% self-funded, so every dollar helps.
  • Become an ambassador. We’re looking for people who can help spread the word to friends and colleagues within their institutions and research fields (e.g. via presentations, social media, and casual discussions).
  • Communications and marketing. We’re looking for skilled communicator/s who can help spread the word about this project (e.g. via social media, blogs, articles, and advertising).
  • Software development. There’s plenty to do on both the front- and back-end software development, please get in touch if you have skills in this department.
  • UX design. The current platform is in a minimal viable product state, and we’re looking for collaborators to help redesign and develop the user experience (currently coded in Jekkyl for Github Pages).
  • Metascience. If you’d like to collaborate to analyse the data as it comes in, get in touch.