Free Our Knowledge: Roadmap

Project Mission & Summary

We’re building a platform that helps researchers organise the collective uptake of mutually beneficial research practices, so that we can create positive cultural change in academia without placing vulnerable individuals at risk.

What do we need to do?

Milestone 1: Develop and post Preregistration campaign to website

  • Develop Github Issue template for users to propose campaigns
  • Invite open science ambassadors/networks to propose and discuss campaigns on Github
    • Centre for Open Science ambassadors
    • (copy in relevant channels from marketing/
  • Write social media/marketing material for campaign release (including Thuderclap?) – see issue template for communication outlets
  • Create new website

Milestone: Market campaign and reach threshold

  • Write blog posts (see marketing/ for outlets)
  • Advertise campaigns widely (see marketing/ for networks)
    • ‘Pledge drive’?
  • Monitor website traffic and use to inform marketing strategy
  • Add pledgers to Mailchimp group and email as campaign progresses
    • update on pledge count
    • motivate them to sign up friends, colleagues
    • inform about new campaigns as they are released
  • Re-assess at 3 months if worth continuing

Milestone: Roll-out activation phase after campaign has reached threshold

  • Use script to email signatories when first campaign reaches threshold, remind them of their obligations and that their name will be posted on website
  • Deanonymise names on website
  • Update campaign page to indicate campaign has been successful
  • Write blog posts (see marketing/ for outlets)
  • Advertise success widely (see marketing/ for networks), including media agencies

Stretch goals